Give us your logs.
We'll give you the insights.
Uplaod Upload your log file, it's self-service or you can associate it with a support case and you are ready.
Overview Report Citrix Insight Services spots known issues, almost instantly — and we're adding new issues, fixes and troubleshooting capabilities all the time.
Health Check Report Use it as a health check for preventive maintenance — and fix issues before they become problems.
Knowledge Center Citrix Insight Services may lead you to our Knowledge Center for best-practices, fixes and advice.
The tool our own experts use
Citrix Insight Services is a free tool from Citrix that analyzes your log files, profiles your virtualization environment and scans for hundreds of known issues. It takes only minutes to deliver clear, actionable advice customized to you.
It's the same tool our support engineers use every day to diagnose problems quickly and accurately.
Products supported
Citrix Insight Services reads log files from XenDesktop, XenServer, XenApp, NetScaler, PVS, ByteMobile, XenMobile, NetScaler SD-WAN, CloudPortal and XD/XA Connector, and we'll be adding products to it over time.
We're adding new plug-ins that capture known issues for these products all the time. So Citrix Insight Services will keep getting better.
Prioritized fixes
When Citrix Insight Services discovers any known issues in your environment, it suggests hot fixes, patches and updates with red/yellow/green prioritization.
It will also analyze your configuration and give you best-practice advice, with links to relevant articles or white papers.
A quick Health Check
Citrix Insight Services isn't just for troubleshooting. It's also a great way to give your system a quick Health Check, so you can spot any issues before they become real problems.
Come back with your log files often to get in front of potential problems — or any time you've made significant changes to the environment.
It's easy
Just sign in with your Citrix ID (or create one, it's free).
Citrix Insight Services will ask you to use our tools to collect the log files (need help collecting log files?) and upload them to the site.
Once you've uploaded the files, your work is done. Citrix Insight Services will work in the background and — a few minutes later — you'll receive an email telling you that the results are ready.
We're still here to help
Still haven't solved the problem? If you're a Citrix support customer, contact support — the fact that you've already run Citrix Insight Services will speed up resolution of your case.
If you're not already a customer of Citrix support, you can use all the resources in our Knowledge Center for free.
And our Premier Support program offers 24x7x365 support for all Citrix products, with no limit on the number of cases.